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A family in the Dondo District, Sofala Province, obtained their insecticide-treated bednet through PIRCOM and C-Change.

In June 2010, C-Change began work in Mozambique to support prevention of malaria and water-borne disease, in partnership with the Programa Inter-Religious Contra a Malaria (PIRCOM) and the Ministry of Health. PIRCOM is a multi-denominational, faith-based NGO, and the partnership was formalized with the signing of an MOU. C-Change is providing technical assistance to PIRCOM in social and behavior change communications (SBCC) and organizational developments and working with PIRCOM in four high malaria-prevalence provinces (Zambezia, Nampula, Sofala, and Inhambane) to improve the skills of provincial, district and community-level staff to implement effective SBCC programs for malaria prevention and treatment.

C-Change is also assisting the Ministry of Health’s Department of Health Promotion (DEPROS) and the National Malaria Control Program with the development and implementation of a national communication strategy to promote malaria prevention and control.

Quick Glance

Map of Mozambique from CIA World Factbook

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Total fertility rate

Contraceptive prevalence
17% (married women 15-49)

Use of ITNs
23% (under-fives sleeping under ITNs) 


Sources: PRB 2011; UNICEFWorld Factbook