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 C-Change Research Studies Completed

cover of one the Jamaica studiesC-Change has completed four research studies and a mapping assessment in Jamaica on populations considered to be highly vulnerable to HIV infection and HIV-related stigma. Findings will assist program planners to shape HIV prevention and communication programming for sex workers, men who have sex with men, and young men and women involved in cross-generational sexual relationships. Findings were presented April 25 at a meeting in Kingston opened by the Honorable Dr. Fenton Ferguson, Minister of Health, and USAID Mission Director Denise Herbol. Over 100 people attended. 

The reports and assessment are:

Cross-Generational Relationships: Perceived Norms and Practices in Jamaica

Layered Stigma Among Health Facility & Social Services Staff Toward Most-at-Risk Populations in Jamaica

Stigma & Discrimination Against Men Who Have Sex with Men in Jamaica

Social Media Use Among Most-at-Risk Populations in Jamaica; and

Mapping of MARP-Friendly Health Facilities.

Action Media Workshops Seek Direct Input from Populations Impacted by Health Interventions

C-Change conducted a series of Action Media workshops in Jamaica in November 2010 with men who have sex with men (MSM), sex workers, and community educators to inform the development of SBCC resources to support and strengthen HIV prevention interventions with or by these populations. The report from this workshop highlight the challenges, gaps, and needs relating to communication around HIV. Participants played an active role and contributed to the development of ideas and concepts for communication materials. Based on their input, C-Change developed concepts using images, formats, and language preferred by participants, which informed materials developed in Jamaica.

 Work in HIV Prevention with the Ministry of Health and Civil Society Groups

Action Media workshop in Jamaica

In July 2010, C-Change began working in partnership with the government and civil society sector in Jamaica to strengthen and scale up the HIV prevention response for men who have sex with men (MSM) and sex workers (SWs)—groups that are also vulnerable to human rights abuses.

C-Change's technical assistance in social and behavior change communication (SBCC)  aims to improve the quality and scale of Jamaica's current response to HIV and AIDS, targeting policymakers as influencers of the programming environment. Meeting the HIV prevention needs of MSM and SWs in an environment where they are vulnerable to human rights abuses is among the challenges faced.

Key activities includes assessing and building the capacity of local NGOs to use SBCC in programming their HIV prevention activities and working with local partners to harmonize messages and materials they develop. In November and December 2010, the project hosted workshops  that furthered these ends and introduced two participatory, consensus-building methodologies. (Read more about the workshop).


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HIV prevalence
1.7% (adult population 15-49)

Sources: PRB 2011World Factbook