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Women's Perspectives on Contraception: A Qualitative Study Among University Students in Tirana, Albania

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C-Change conducted qualitative research in May 2009 to explore factors that influence contraceptive choices of young women attending universities. The researchers conducted 10 focus group discussions (FGD) with women attending universities in Tirana, Albania. These findings are being used to help design and improve communication activities carried out by C-Change in Albania.

The research revealed an unmet need for accurate information about contraceptives among women attending university. Participants noted a pervasive societal taboo about discussing contraceptives in public or with health professionals, which limits women‘s options for accessing information and advice about choosing and using methods. Women expressed fear that the side effects of oral contraceptives and emergency contraception (EC) could damage their health, a common concern that affected their confidence in using these methods. The source of these fears was information from friends and also to some extent from health professionals.

Findings suggest that further interventions should address the unmet need for information, such as ensuring that health professionals are better informed and more accessible to women and improving communication between partners to make informed choices about contraception. This report and materials that were part of the communication and mass media campaign to increase use of modern contraceptive methods, including radio spots and full color press ads, are available on C-Hub.

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