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Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) Guide

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 VMMC GuideThis guide was developed in the Kenyan context for VMMC program directors, task force leaders, and communication managers who need to engage the media. It outlines how to foster positive relationships with media professionals in order to get accurate and increased coverage of VMMC issues. The genesis of this guide was a consultation held on behalf of two task forces - the National VMMC Task Force and the Nyanza Provincial VMMC Task Force - and a one-day workshop with 22 journalists from 11 media houses in Nyanza Province.

Journalists at the workshop provided the following advice on how programs can obtain media coverage that mobilizes and educates the public on VMMC issues: 1) Provide information on VMMC that simplifies the science; 2) Highlight the advantages and risks of VMMC; and 3) Ensure two-way communication, including letters to the editor, call-in radio shows, and discussions led by experts.

VMMC-Media-Guide.pdf1.55 MB