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Direct-to-Consumer Distribution of a Paper-Based Version of Standard Days Method® in Benin

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cover of Benin report

C-Change and Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) explored direct-to-consumer distribution in Benin of the paper version of Standard Days Method® (SDM), which helps women to identify “fertile windows” when they are most likely to become pregnant. CycleBeads®, a string of colored beads developed by IRH, is a low-cost visual tool that assists women to use SDM. The study report states that the paper version was well accepted by potential users and healthcare providers. Images, messages, instructions, and diagrams were understood and colors liked. In a two-month period, kiosks and salons disseminated nearly 1,800 paper SDM; sales of CycleBeads® increased; and healthcare providers received more enquiries about SDM and modern family planning methods.The report is available for download, along with executive summaries in French and English.



Standard-Days-Method-Report-Benin.pdf1.84 MB
Benin-SDM-Research-Executive-Summary.pdf916.56 KB
Benin-SDM-Research-Executive-Summary-FRENCH.pdf693.22 KB