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Scaling Up Zinc Treatment Through Pharmaceutical Marketing: An Assessment of Zinc and ORS Prescription for Childhood Diarrhea by General Practitioners in Indonesia

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 Pharmaceutical-Marketing-Indonesia-ReportThis C-Change report highlights findings from a study that assessed the ORS and zinc prescription behavior of general practitioners (GPs) and midwives to treat childhood diarrhea following an intensive pharmaceutical marketing intervention in Indonesia. The intervention was intended to extend the cascade of influence to front-line health care providers that treat childhood diarrhea at the community level; it also aimed to convince drug manufacturers of the viability of targeting these groups as potential prescribers of zinc. The analysis focused on GPs’ prescription of ORS and zinc and exposure to information on zinc before and after the intervention. The findings suggest that the pharmaceutical marketing intervention maintained, increased, and/or facilitated prescription of ORS and zinc among GPs.


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