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SBCC for Frontline Health Care Workers

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Frontline health care workers facilitator's guideSocial and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) for Frontline Health Care Workers is a learning package for use in face-to-face workshops with nurses, community health extension workers, and HIV counselors on SBCC and interpersonal communication (IPC). The package comprises a Facilitator’s Guide and a Participant Handout Packet with worksheets.

This learning package is designed to assist health care workers to effectively apply SBCC and IPC and, ultimately, deliver higher-quality care to clients. Those completing it will understand how to apply: 1) SBCC for better health care; 2) IPC in the context of their everyday work; and 3) improved communication skills to client interactions and for advocacy and social mobilization efforts. 


SBCC_for_Frontline_Health_Care_Workers_Facilitator's_Guide.pdf1.01 MB
SBCC_for_Frontline_Health_Care Workers_Handout_Packet.doc7.47 MB