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Multiple and Concurrent Sexual Partnerships in Generalized HIV Epidemics in Southern and East Africa: A Desk Review of Communication Interventions

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MCP Desk Review ReportThis report highlights the results of a desk review of communication programs that focus on multiple and concurrent partnerships (MCP) in Southern and East Africa. The objective of the desk review was to identify lessons learned from recent experiences in designing, implementing, and evaluating these programs and contribute to the body of evidence used to strengthen future HIV prevention programs.

 This report provides lessons learned from the following nine campaigns that address MCP: O Icheke (Botswana), Scrutinize (South Africa), Intersexions (South Africa), Andar Fora (Mozambique), Makhwapeheni Uyabulala (Swaziland), Club Risky Business (Zambia), One Love/Get off the Sexual Network (Uganda), Break the Chain (Namibia), and OneLove (Southern Africa Region).

MCP desk review report_FINAL.pdf1.14 MB