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Market Research Report on E-Learning Course at University del Valle

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 Market Research on E-Learning in GuatemalaFrom October to December 2012, C-Change conducted a market study to measure the feasibility for multi-level academic offerings (from short online courses to a masters degree in communication) at the Universidad de Valle, Guatemala (C-Change's Center of Excellence) with a particular focus in the Western Highlands. The study analyzed the compatibility of potential participant needs with available/current and potential/future academic offerings; segmenting audiences for geographic, demographic and psychographic factors, levels of education and cultural appropriateness. The market study also include a detailed cost analysis and recommendations based on study findings. Based off results of this market study, UVG will be offering semi-face-to-face courses in 2013; a specialization in SBCC in 2014 and a masters degree in SBCC in 2015. Note that this study is in Spanish.

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