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The Language of Multiple Concurrent Partners, Sex, and HIV and AIDS in Lesotho: Opportunities for Dialogue Promotion Research Report

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This report analyzes formative research carried out by C-Change partner Social Surveys to understand how culturally-embedded communication about HIV and AIDS and sexual behavior contributes to sustaining the practice of multiple concurrent partners (MCP) in Lesotho. The findings from this qualitative research along with a review of existing research is informing message development for a short-term communication campaign in Lesotho focused on HIV prevention through the promotion of dialogue about MCP.

The research was based on 24 in-depth interviews with key informants identified in the following six categories: traditional healers, youth leaders, health care workers, volunteers involved in HIV and AIDS and reproductive health work, local area chiefs, and church leaders.

Lesotho MCP Language FINAL.pdf495.5 KB