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An Intervention to Prevent School-Related Gender-Based Violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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DRC-SBGBVpresentation.Nov2011This presentation describes a comprehensive approach to promote positive social and gender norms to prevent and mitigate school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV) among students ages 10-14 in primary and secondary schools of Katanga Province in the DRC. This approach is based on a model of social and behavior change communication that utilizes advocacy, community and social mobilization, and behavior change communication strategies to change social and gender norms and promote actions by schools and communities to create a safer environment for young people.

Results from 168 focus groups--four groups of 8-12 participants each--with female students, with male students, with teachers, and with parents--in 42 schools were also presented. The discussions explored commonly occurring forms of SRGBV and the factors that contribute to it, as perceived by these various stakeholders. Results are informing curriculum development and the design of mass communication strategies. Of particular interest are descriptions of the behavioral norms around gender and sexuality and the power relations that enable sexual and other forms of exploitation and violence against school children.

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