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The Husband and his Family: Major Influencers of Family Planning Use in Malawi

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Poster on family planning research in MalawiThis poster was presented at the 2012 annual meeting of the Population Association of America in San Francisco. It outlines a formative research study in Malawi on how the fertility desires and attitudes to family planning of husbands and their families influence women’s use of family planning. In addition to identifying the barriers to family planning use, the study explored underlying societal beliefs, norms, values and perceptions that influence and sustain these barriers. The study found that husbands and their family members exert significant influence on fertility and family planning decisions, with women’s rights to family planning largely ignored. Programmatic implications include the need to develop an SBCC strategy that targets the people who directly influence family planning decisions, as well as the need to develop culturally sensitive messages that highlight the benefits of family planning and child spacing, argue against preferences for large families, and address gaps in the knowledge of family and community members.

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