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HIV Prevention Among Adult Women: Opportunities for Social and Behavior Change Communication

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cover of research brief on adult women in Namibia and South AfricaC-Change research studies in Namibia, South Africa, and Ethiopia addressed the fact that adult women in their 20s and 30s have the highest rates of HIV infection. Findings across rural and urban communities indicate that both men and women understand risk behaviors and underlying factors that contribute to high rates of HIV infection.This knowledge has not yet been transformed into action in the context of relationships, and communities have not been adequately involved in developing local strategies on HIV prevention. Study participants shared a wide range of personal HIV-prevention strategies, as well their ideas on increasing community engagement in the prevention response.  Separate studies were conducted in EthiopiaSouth Africa and Namibia. A research brief summarizes findings from South Africa and Namibia.


Study-on-Adult-Women-in-Ethiopia.pdf1.01 MB
Study-on-Adult-Women-in-Namibia.pdf1.35 MB
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Research-Brief-Adult-Women-in-Namibia-and-South-Africa.pdf508.95 KB
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