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Guidelines for Family Planning Communication

Publication Date: 

Malawi Guidelines for FP CommunicationThe Malawi Guidelines for Family Planning Communication provides the framework for implementation of family planning (FP) communication programs in Malawi and supports the aim of Malawi National Reproductive Health Strategy to promote through informed choice, safer reproductive health practices by men, women, and young people, including increased use of high quality, accessible reproductive health services. It provides the tool to ensure that efforts of the Government of Malawi, NGOs, and community-based organizations are coordinated and will have greater impact towards improved FP uptake and the country’s future development. The guidelines are being rolled out to zonal and districts levels across Malawi.

The Guidelines were developed in an interactive, participatory process by the Task Force on Family Planning Communication under the leadership of the Health Education Unit, with C-Change's technical support and funding from USAID.

Malawi_Guidelines_for_FP_Comm_April_2011_FINAL_website.pdf554.38 KB