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Gender Norms and Family Planning Decision-Making in Tanzania: A Qualitative Study

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Family Planning and Gender Norms in Tanzania Research ReportThis study reports on research carried out in Tanzania to examine the role of gender norms in decision making among young married women and men on issues of family planning and contraceptive use. The study found that gender factors such as men’s dominance in decision-making and cultural norms that condone a man beating his wife if she uses contraceptives secretly are barriers to use of modern contraceptives. The research also found that fear of side effects of modern contraceptives was a significant deterrent. Findings point to the need to address gender norms and misinformation about modern contraceptives when designing interventions. Engaging both men and women, encouraging equitable decision-making, and strengthening the capacity of family planning clinics to provide accurate information are important considerations for intervention activities.

See the associated poster presented at the Population Association of America (PAA).

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