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Gender Attitudes, Couple Concordance, and Family Planning in Tanzania

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Presentation on gender attitudes, couple concordance, and family planning in TanzaniaThis C-Change presentation exploring relationships between gender attitudes, couple concordance, and family planning was delivered at the Population Association of America 2012 Annual Meeting in San Francisco on, May 5, 2012, and at the 2012 European Population Conference in Stockholm, Sweden on June 13,  2012. It addresses baseline results from an operations research study and findings from a household survey with 200 couples from two regions in Tanzania. Logistic regression analyses suggest couples in which the husband and wife both held gender-equitable attitudes were more likely to use contraception than couples in which spouses had less equitable attitudes. Spouses who perceived that the other spouse approved of family planning were more likely to use contraception than spouses who disagreed or didn’t know about the other’s approval of family planning. These findings suggest that interventions and studies designed to influence or capture what goes on between couples should include both members of the couple, rather than husbands or wives individually. The findings also suggest that reducing gender inequality and encouraging couple communication will be conducive to the practice of family planning.


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