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Family Planning Around Environmentally Sensitive Regions in Madagascar - Final Report (March 2009)

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In January 2005, USAID/Madagascar requested the Health Communication Partnership (HCP) to assist the Government of Madagascar, specifically its National AIDS Control Committee (SE/CNLS), to develop a behavior change communication strategy targeting HIV prevention among youth and young adults. The Ankoay, or Eagle, approach was launched in April 2005 through the National Scouting Federation which unites six scouting organizations. The Ankoay program was assessed by the SE/CNLS after one year of implementation and was judged a national “best practice” in HIV prevention among youth.

In August 2007, through additional funding from USAID/Madagascar, AED launched Ankoay Doré, a second level of activities designed for youth groups that had successfully completed the Ankoay program. The initial Ankoay Doré approach added hygiene activities to HIV prevention. In early 2008, through C-Change, the Ankoay Doré model was expanded to include adolescent reproductive health and environmental activities. This report describes the accomplishments achieved by the C-Change activity through February 2009.

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