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Community Conversation Toolkit (for HIV prevention)

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C-Change and partners developed the Community Conversation Toolkit (for HIV prevention) to mobilize adults ages 20 and over to take action to prevent HIV within their communities. The toolkit is intended  to complement existing HIV prevention activities and address key drivers of the HIV epidemic (concurrency, cross-generational sex, gender-based violence, and alcohol abuse). Available here are the Facilitator’s Guide and the Mobilization Guide in English.

The entire toolkit includes Roleplay Cards, Storytelling Finger Puppets, Promotional-Proverbs Throw Boxes and Best-Kept-Secrets Throw Boxes, Promotional Playing Cards and Dialogue Buttons.

C-Change partner Soul City is leading adaptation of the toolkit in the following languages/countries: Kikaonde in Zambia, Ndebele in Zimbabwe, Silozi in Namibia, and Chichewa in Malawi. Soul City’s country partners conducted the pretests and consultations with stakeholders in each of the countries that have informed how the toolkit has been adapted in these countries. These versions as well as versions in Sesotho for Lesotho; Zulu and Sotho for South Africa, and English  are also available on C-Hub.


Facilitator's Guide.pdf8.06 MB
Mobilisation Guide(ENG).pdf6.33 MB