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C-Change DAP study reports increase in democratic participation in Peru

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DAPeru Final Report This report summarized results of the 2010 baseline and 2012 follow-up surveys in Peru conducted by Democracia Activa-Perú (DAP), a C-Change/Peru activity that engaged Peruvians, particularly 18 to 35 year olds, in democratic political participation including voting, and centered on the 2011 national election.

 Both surveys used a sample of adult Peruvian citizens residing in seven regions where the DAP was active. The most noteworthy result was a 15% statistically significant increase in support for democracy as the preferred political system from 54% to 71%. The 2012 follow-up survey also found higher levels of participation among young adults in electoral and civic education campaigns and increased citizen involvement in municipal or regional government activities.

Democracia-Activa-Peru-Final-Report.pdf2.37 MB