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C-Change Presents Posters at AIDS 2012 Conference

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Poster on layered stigma among clinic and social services staff in JamaicaLayered Stigma among Clinic and Social Service Staff in Jamaica: Implications for Capacity Strengthening  This presentation highlights findings from research in Jamaica indicating that HIV-prevention training for workers at health clinics and in social services reduced stigma toward marginalized groups, including sex workers and men who have sex with men. Training also reduced fears about casual contact with members of the two groups and with PLHIV.




Poster on cross-generational relationships in Jamaica

 Cross-Generational Relationships: Perceived Norms and Practices in Jamaica.This poster outlines findings of the C-Change study on motivations for cross-generational sex in Jamaica and the perceived community acceptance of this practice, together with the need for programs that communicate about HIV risk to address these factors. 




social media poster

Using a Mobile Phone-Based Questionnaire to Quantitatively Assess the Use of Social Media among Most-at-Risk Populations in Jamaica. This presentation addresses the frequency and type of social media used in Jamaica by men who have sex with men and sex workers to inform the development of materials that aim to reach these groups as part of broader HIV-prevention interventions.



poster on use of socio-ecological model


Using a Socio-Ecological Model as a Framework to Analyze Stigma and Discrimination Toward MSM in Jamaica. This presentation affirms evidence that stigma and discrimination against MSM are a pervasive social norm in Jamaica, requiring a multilayered approach that addresses societal and environmental factors to reduce family, community, and institutional hostility.


poster on HIV vulnerabilty of adult women in South Africa and Namibia


From Vertical to Horizontal: Reshaping HIV Vulnerability and Risk among Adult Women in South Africa and Namibia. This presentation reports on qualitative research in South Africa and Namibia on the continuing HIV vulnerability of adult women and calls for integrated communication solutions that look horizontally within the community.