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Study Details Positive Results of C-Change Family Planning Intervention in Albania

Monday, March 7, 2011

Students attend an Information Fair on Modern Contraceptives sponsored by C-Change University students on four urban campuses in Albania exposed to a C-Change peer education program to increase use of modern contraceptive methods were more than twice as likely to use these methods as students who were not exposed to the program.

This is an important finding of a recent study and detailed in a presentation presented at the June 2011 Global Health Council. It details an endline survey that tracked responses by students ages 19–24 to questions on modern contraceptive methods, including whether they could identify three or more methods, believed they were effective, or used them. Their responses, from baseline to endline over a one-year period, were compared with those of students at a comparison site.

Students exposed to the C-Change peer education program and the concurrent mass media campaign were four  times more likely to be able to identify three or more modern contraceptive methods than those not exposed.

The significance of these findings is evidenced in some stark statistics in Albania’s 2008 Demographic and Health Survey. Only 4 percent reported that they used condoms; 58 percent said their family planning method was withdrawal; 60 percent had never heard of IUDs; and 40 percent knew nothing about injectable contraceptives.

In 2008, C-Change began work to increase knowledge and use of modern contraceptives in the country and change norms and behaviors related to family planning and modern contraceptive use. In addition to the peer education program and a national mass media campaign that promoted modern contraceptive methods, C-Change’s social and behavior change communication interventions included training for journalists on reproductive health issues and work with the pharmacists who supply modern contraceptives to improve the way they communicate with young people.

See Where We Work/Albania for more information about the program.The communication materials developed for the mass media campaigns are available on C-Hub.

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