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Kenya Launches Essential Malaria Actions Guide at Nairobi Meeting

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dr. Akhwale presents the EMA Guide for Kenyan Families at meeting in NairobiKenya’s Head of the Division of Disease Control and Prevention Dr Willis Akhwale and Division of Malaria Control (DOMC) Program Manager David Soti opened the meeting in Nairobi on August 23 to disseminate the Essential Malaria Actions Guide for Kenyan Families.

 DOMC and Department of Health Promotion representatives from Nyanza, Western, Rift Valley, and Coast provinces were in attendance as were partner organizations including PSI, KeeNAM, Merlin, UNICEF and others. The meeting furthered the integrated multi-level dissemination plan to roll out the essential malaria actions (EMAs) to high malaria burden areas and to harmonize malaria control messages across Kenya.

“This is the most practical and useful guide I’ve seen in malaria control for its simplicity, clarity, and focus on promoting actions that Kenyan families can carry out to prevent malaria-- with a heavy emphasis on action!” Dr. Akhwale said. “I read this guide when it was under review and I immediately saw the valuable contribution it would make.”

Malaria Meeting attendees in Kenya
C-Change, in close collaboration with the DOMC and partner organizations, lead the eight-month process to research, develop and test the EMAs and ensure alignment with the several malaria prevention and control interventions in the highly endemic zones and compatibility with the local cultural context. 

Meeting outcomes included a dissemination plan and a monitoring and evaluation strategy. DOMC, with support from C-Change, is implementing the dissemination plan in the Nyanza, Western, Rift Valley, and Coast provinces over the next four months.

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