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Dr. Emanuel visits USAID-funded C-Change malaria project in Ethiopia

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dr. Emanuel visits Gombore village and its C-Change malaria prevention activitiesThe US President’s Special Advisor on Health Policy Dr. Ezekiel “Zeke” Emanuel visited Ethiopia October 25-29 and praised Ethiopia's expansion of healthcare services and implementation of programs to prevent and control malaria.

“The malaria programs being implemented in Ethiopia have had a substantial decrease in malaria. It demonstrates that if proper healthcare reform is implemented, it could help save lives,”' Dr. Emanuel told a news conference in Addis Ababa.

Emanuel traveled with USAID/Ethiopia officials to several sites including Gombore Health Post in South West Shoa Zone, where he visited a C-Change-implemented malaria prevention program. Begun in July 2010, the activity works with government health extension workers and volunteer community health workers to assist families to carry out malaria prevention activities.

Over 200 families have successfully carried out the four doable actions to prevent malaria (sleep under an insecticide-treated net, visit a clinic when fever is present, complete all malaria medicine, and assist the indoor spraying team by not re-plastering) and have been recognized as a “model family” and given a certificate and sticker, which they display on their door.

Emanuel also visited the nearby primary school of 575 students. Here, C-Change has helped establish an anti-malaria club where students engage in fun activities while learning how to combat malaria and take the knowledge and new practices home to their families and communities. Emanuel and the team also met with local administrators and religious leaders. Local leaders noted that malaria cases are diminishing and praised the C-Change project and partnership with the local community.

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