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C-Change/Guatemala holds final dissemination meeting

Saturday, July 14, 2012

C-Change technical adviser presents on the new SBCC websiteUSAID/Guatemala’s Senior Technical Advisor in the Health and Education Office, Isabel Stout, opened the C-Change dissemination meeting in Guatemala City, Guatemala on July 12, 2012.

In attendance were about 70 people from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, USAID, implementing partners, and the Universidad de Valle, Guatemala (UVG). The meeting highlighted project results from C-Change’s capacity building activities in Guatemala, including lessons learned and tools developed by C-Change. C-Change SBCC products and tools showcased during the event included:

• The SBCC Strategy in English and Spanish and its Implementation Guide,
• SBCC online courses hosted by the Center of Excellence at the Universidad de Valle, Guatemala (UVG), including the Spanish version of C-Modules,
• Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) SBCC Indicators and the SBCC Capacity Assessment Tool in Spanish,
• The community of practice website (www.comunicacionparaelcambio.org) to be hosted and managed by UVG,
• Work conducted on intercultural communication for the Mayan population

The C-Change products and tools were showcased in a format that promoted interactive discussions on how to utilize the tools. At the station promoting the Center of Excellence at UVG, 25 participants signed up for further information and expressed interest in the next SBCC online course being offered.

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