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C-Change Strengthens Capacity of Search for Common Ground in DRC

Friday, June 24, 2011

SFCG media program for young adults  broadcast in DRC with TA by C-ChangeIn DRC, C-Change is providing technical support on behavior change messaging and strengthening the capacity of local staff at Search for Common Ground (SFCG) on principles of social and behavior change communication (SBCC) programming. Collaborating with over 100 local partners, SFCG has developed several radio and TV programs that address health and conflict issues. With technical assistance from C-Change, it is incorporating behavior change messages around HIV prevention, specifically addressing the importance of being tested, changing risky sexual behaviors, and reducing discrimination against people living with HIV and AIDS, into the story lines of these radio and TV programs aimed at teenage and young adult audiences. . The programs also tackle issues such as sexuality, relationships, gender equality, and gender-based violence. Programs are produced in French, Swahili and other local languages.

These “edutainment” programs aim to increase knowledge and change attitudes and behaviors related to HIV prevention and other health topics. Programming is in different formats—a radio drama on HIV prevention, a TV drama about a female soccer team, a radio game show where students from two high school compete with another to accumulate the most correct answers, and others. Visit C-Hub (#7966, #7967, #7968, #7969) to link to video clips of these programs that are entertaining people in the DRC while also providing valuable health prevention information.


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