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C-Change work changes Peruvians’ attitudes toward democracy

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Radio interview with NGO Cronika and youth group awareness on democracy messaging Engaging Peruvians in the democratic process of voting in the 2011 national election was one goal of the Democracia Activa Perú (DAP) project, which ended May 31, 2012. Implemented by C Change/Peru, the two-year project also created a range of activities that targeted 18-35 years olds to increase their participation in and improve their attitudes toward democracy as a political system.

In 2010, C-Change conducted a baseline qualitative study led by Vanderbilt University that showed only 56% of Peruvians in seven target regions considered democracy a better political system than any other. 

To change these attitudes and promote informed political participation, C-Change funded 30 youth organizations in the country’s seven regions. The project developed a broad range of activities that included radio programs and creation of a web platform to create a community of youth working to promote civic engagement and hold their elected officials accountable.

Social media including Facebook and Twitter were used to further encourage young people’s commitment; advocacy and social mobilization activities, including local carnivals for democracy and event blitzes encouraging citizens to participate and understand the grassroots nature of democratic processes, were widely implemented.

Endline Survey

The results are noteworthy: the February 2012 endline study showed that 71% of those surveyed prefer democracy over other political systems, a 15% statistically significant increase over the baseline. Download the final report.

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