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African Broadcast Media Program Ramps Up Broadcasters’ Skills in Innovative Programming on HIV Issues

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

African Broadcast Media Partnership (ABMP)—a pan-African coalition of broadcast companies committing significant airtime and production resources to the fight against HIV and AIDS—organized a 3-day workshop in Johannesburg in November. More than 40 TV and radio program producers from 15 African countries worked on producing innovative programming focused on prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT).

C-Change supported ABMP’s development of the production manuals to be distributed over the next year to its 64 member companies to encourage broadcasters to produce longer form programming, including talk shows, magazine and public affairs programs. This is part of ABMP’s campaign for universal access to PMTCT and an end to pediatric HIV.

C-Change assisted ABMP with the crafting of appropriate messaging and in developing the creative treatment for a set of anchor advertisements for TV and radio. Workshop participants were given substantive information on the key behavioral messages of the campaign, (e.g., encouraging pregnant women to attend antenatal clinic before 20 weeks and promoting the concept of shared responsibility with male partners). Participants scripted their own program concepts and were critiqued by experienced script writers and producers. Mock TV and radio studios were set up in the training venue and participants had the opportunity to develop their show. They were also able to tap the media experts on hand as well as several HIV-positive women with experience of the PMTCT program in South Africa.

A participant from Tanzania summed up the workshop’s value: “I experienced more in three days than I could have imagined possible at a workshop. And it is so inspiring learning from colleagues from many other African countries dealing with the same issues.” To learn more about the ABMP's media activities around PMTCT , go to www.broadcasthivafrica.org and download materials at www.c-hubonline.org/7896.

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