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C-BulletinsC-Change has produced 10 C-Bulletins for communication practitioners who develop and adapt SBCC materials and activities for audiences with lower literacy skills. Each of them offers practical, how-to assistance and a list of additional resources.

C-Bulletin topics drew on field experiences of C-Change and partners creating and adapting materials and activities for this audience. They also respond to the limited information available on issues such as whether readability formulas work for local languages, how interactivity relates to literacy, and how audiences with lower literacy skills can be mobilized to identify and advocate for local solutions to local problems.

While the C-Bulletins focus on the health sector, their advice and approaches are applicable to other sectors. They complement the C-Modules, a systematic, step-by-step process for SBCC programs.

         Introduction to the C-Bulletins

  1. Understanding Literacy, How Adults Learn, and What This Means for SBCC Practitioners
  2. SBCC Material and Activity Formats for Audiences with Lower Literacy Skills
  3. Developing a Creative Brief
  4. Using the Participatory Processes to Develop SBCC Materials
  5. Writing Text to Reach Audiences with Lower Literacy Skills
  6. Visual and Web Design for Audiences with Lower Literacy Skills
  7. Working with a Creative Team
  8. Testing SBCC Materials
  9. Conducting a Stakeholder Review
  10. Adapting Materials for Audiences with Lower Literacy Skills