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Focus Areas

C-Change provides support to social and behavior change communication (SBCC) efforts around the world and across sectors, guided by our operations research in each setting. We bring expertise in media and interpersonal communication, social and behavior change, evidence-based strategic planning, gender equality, and many technical areas. We provide technical assistance that strengthens the SBCC capacity of governments, regional organizations, and local NGOs, and we work alongside them as they develop, implement, and scale up sustainable programs and activities that aim to bring about changes to individual behaviors and social norms.  The ultimate goal is improved health and well-being for people in the developing world.

The program is currently engaged in the following development and health areas:

C-Change provides SBCC support to interventions in other health sectors, including water and sanitation and emerging pandemic threats. Our scope provides the opportunity for stakeholders in diverse areas to work collaboratively to tackle pressing problems and address underlying factors that cut across development efforts, including gender equality , poverty, and culture-specific norms.