Compendium of

Gender Scales

Gender Norm Attitudes Scale

Scale Objective

To measure egalitarian beliefs about male and female gender norms

Type(s) of Behavior or Outcomes Predicted

Types of Items Included

Number of Items and Subscales

Rights and Privileges of Men Subscale Items

Respondents were asked if they agreed or disagreed with each item.

Equity For Girls Subscale Items

Scoring Procedures

On the rights and privileges of men subscale, less agreement with men having more rights and privileges than women reflects a more egalitarian perspective. Reverse scoring was used for the equity for girls subscale, with 1 representing a traditional response and 2 an egalitarian response. Scores were computed as the mean of individual items, expressed as a continuum from traditional beliefs (on the lower end) to egalitarian beliefs. Higher scores on both of the subscales indicated more egalitarian beliefs.

Psychometrics Used in Scale Construction

Type(s) of Statistics Used to Test Predictive Validity

Used with Women


Used with Men


Country or Countries Where Tested or Applied




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