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Research Report

Albania Family Planning: Improving Access and Use of Modern Contraception Among Young Men and Women

Publication Date: 

Albania FP baseline report cover thumbnailThis report presents baseline findings from research that was carried out in selected cities in Albania to evaluate the family planning activity initiated by C-Change to increase knowledge of modern contraception among young men and women and help them to make more informed reproductive choices.

Gender Norms and Family Planning Decision-Making in Tanzania: A Qualitative Study

Publication Date: 

Family Planning and Gender Norms in Tanzania Research ReportThis study reports on research carried out in Tanzania to examine the role of gender norms in decision making among young married women and men on issues of family planning and contraceptive use.

A Baseline Survey of Multiple and Concurrent Sexual Partnerships Among Basotho Men in Lesotho

Publication Date: 

This report presents the findings from the baseline survey of multiple and concurrent partnerships (MCP) in Lesotho. The objective of the study was to collect population-based data related to the MCP knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Basotho men.

The Language of Multiple Concurrent Partners, Sex, and HIV and AIDS in Lesotho: Opportunities for Dialogue Promotion Research Report

Publication Date: 

This report analyzes formative research carried out by C-Change partner Social Surveys to understand how culturally-embedded communication about HIV and AIDS and sexual behavior contributes to sustaining the practice of multiple concurrent partners (MCP) in Lesotho. The findings from this qualitative research along with a review of existing research is informing message development for a short-term communication campaign in Lesotho focused on HIV prevention through the promotion of dialogue about MCP.