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Research Report

Health Communication Assessment of Ministries of Health and National AIDS Authorities in Six Countries

Publication Date: 

 Health-Communication-Assessment-ReportThe C-Change project was tasked by USAID/Washington to carry out a rapid study to improve understanding of current health communication capacity in six developing countries: the DRC, Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Multiple and Concurrent Sexual Partnerships in Generalized HIV Epidemics in Southern and East Africa: A Desk Review of Communication Interventions

Publication Date: 

MCP Desk Review ReportThis report highlights the results of a desk review of communication programs that focus on multiple and concurrent partnerships (MCP) in Southern and East Africa.

Half the Sky Movement Multimedia Communication Initiative: An Evaluation of the 9 Minutes Mobile Game and Video

Publication Date: 

 Half the Sky Communication InitiativeThis study contributes to the emerging evidence base around the effectiveness of mobile games as a tool to promote healthy behaviors.

Influence of Communication on Gender Attitudes on Contraceptive Use in Tanzania: New Evidence Using Husbands' and Wives' Survey Data

Publication Date: 

C-Change recently published an article in the Journal of Biosocial Science comparing the influence of husbands' and wives' gender attitudes on reported contraceptive use within couples. The survey utilized matched couples data from 200 couples in peri-urban areas of Tanzania. Attitudes were measured using the Gender Equitable Men scale, as well as several DHS scales. The article, entitled "The influence of gender attitudes on contraceptive use in Tanzania: new evidence using husbands' and wives' survey data," is available for OpenAccess download.