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Gender Norms

Gender Norms and Family Planning in Tanzania Poster

Publication Date: 

Gender Norms and Family Planning Study in TanzaniaThis poster, presented at the April 2010 Population Association of America (PAA) meeting in Texas, details the results of a study in Tanzania that examined the role of ge

C-Channel Issue 14

Gender Norms and Family Planning Decision-Making in Tanzania: A Qualitative Study

Publication Date: 

Family Planning and Gender Norms in Tanzania Research ReportThis study reports on research carried out in Tanzania to examine the role of gender norms in decision making among young married women and men on issues of family planning and contraceptive use.

Incorporating Male Gender Norms into Family Planning and Reproductive Health Programs: Program Guidance Brief

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Gender Norms Program BriefGender Norms Program BriefThis program guidance brief provides evidence-based recommendations to guide family planning programmers in the design, implementation, and evaluation of family planning programs that have a male gender norms componen