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C-Channel logo  is an e-newsletter that presents a selection of recent, peer-reviewed journal articles about social and behavior change communication (SBCC) around family planning, reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, malaria, maternal health and antenatal care, and social and gender norms.

Initiated in collaboration with FHI360-SATELLIFE, C-Channel makes abstracts and full journal articles available free of charge to readers in the developing world, via email. This feature is based on long-standing agreements forged with a number of health and medical publishers. For readers in the industrialized world, the title with a short descriptive note is placed in the email with a link to the full article, freely available in Open Access, or downloadable upon payment of a fee to the journal.

Current Issue  

C-Channel Archive

All issues of the C-Channel industrialized world e-newsletter are available using the links below. 






 Issue 44 -Overcoming Communication Barriers

Issue 43 - The Future of HIV-Prevention Communication


 Issue 42 - Communicating about HIV Prevention with Men Who Have Sex with Men, Part 2


Issue 41 - Internet-based Interventions to Reduce HIV Risk for Men Who Have Sex with Men


Issue 40 - Theories and Models Applied to SBCC, Part 2


Issue 39 - Theories and Models Applied to SBCC


Issue 38 - More than Individual Behavior Change: Social Change and HIV Prevention


Issue 37 - Changing Gender Norms, Engaging Men in Reproductive Health and HIV Prevention Programs



Dec  Issue 36 - More Peer-Reviewed Articles on Adapting SBCC Programs and Activities
Nov  Issue 35 - Adapting SBCC Programs and Activities in Sub-Saharan Africa
Oct Issue 34 - Using Edutainment, Storytelling, and Music to Communicate about Social and Behavior Change 
Sept Issue 33 - Text Messaging and Interactive Games to Promote Health and Behavior Change
July/August Issue 32 - Internet Interventions to Promote Health and Behavior Change
June Issue 31 - Evaluating FP/RH Programs that Include Men 
May Issue 30 - Novel Approaches to Communicating on HIV 
April Issue 29 - Information to Assist Malaria Communication
March Issue 28 - Factors that Influence Contraceptive Use
February Issue 27 - Evaluations of SBCC Interventions to Prevent HIV
January Issue 26 - Health Communication and Mass Media Campaigns
December Issue 25 - Promising SBCC Interventions
October Issue 24 - Text Messaging and Behavior Change
September Issue 23 - Women and Contraceptive Choice
Jul-Aug Issue 22 - HIV Prevention and Vulnerable Populations
June  Issue 21 - Family Planning and Contraceptive Choice
May  Issue 20 - HIV Prevention  
April  Issue 19 - Malaria Prevention and SBCC
March  Issue 18 - HIV Prevention and SBCC 
February  Issue 17 - Family Planning and Reproductive Health 
January  Issue 16 - HIV Prevention 
 December Issue 15 - HIV Prevention, Male Circumcision, and MCP 
 November Issue 14 - Gender Norms and Social Issues   
 October Issue 13 - Integration of FP/RH with HIV and AIDS
 September Issue 12 -SBCC and Integration of FP/RH  with HIV and AIDS   
 Jul-Aug Issue 11 - Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC)   
 June Issue 10 - Gender Norms in Family Planning and HIV Prevention   
 May Issue 9 - Family Planning & HIV Integration   
 April Issue 8 - Malaria in Pregnancy   
 March Issue 7 - Male Circumcision   
 February Issue 6 - Sexual Risk Behaviors   
 January Issue 5 - BCC and Social Change in the Health Sector  
December Issue 4 - BCC and Social Change in the Health Sector  
November Issue 3 - BCC & Health in Eastern Europe and Eurasia  
October Issue 2 - Behavior Change and HIV Prevention  
September Issue 1 - Premier Issue of C-Channel  

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